I AM The Differential- Master Key Experience, Week 3

I AM The Differential- Master Key Experience, Week 3

What a life changing and Incredible block of time the last 5 weeks have been! In early Sept., I returned home from our YEP Convention in Orlando. Renewed, Refreshed, Excited about this years’ Master Key Experience course starting soon, and ready to take on the last quarter of the year, and all of these mid-life changes occurring as of late.

What really happened though is an age old story of the pesky Old Blue Print and that comfort zone that we all seem to have. Laziness, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Fear, and Resistance all showed up to pay me a very unexpected visit.

I must be getting ready to Grow again…as there seems to be a few obstacles here that I must turn into stepping stones!

In mid September, I had MOHS surgery on my nose to remove some skin cancer. I had already researched the procedure, and even though it made me cringe, I assumed “Well, that can’t be too bad, and within a few days, I’ll be back to business as usual.”

Yeah, Not So Much…. I left the surgeon’s 4.5 hours, and 34 sutures later. Heavily bandaged, with a script for pain pills, antibiotics, and strict instructions to not reach, stretch, bend, exert myself, or lift over 10 pounds, for 2 weeks! Which means that I cannot think straight for a few days initially, or work, or passionately do my Fall decorating yet. I also realize that I must change these gauze dressings twice a day myself, and deal with the scarring underneath. Double Cringe…

Suddenly, I find myself in a very, very dark place. Mentally, and Physically. A place that I can honestly say, brought me to my knees, and caused a LOT of very much needed self reflection to occur. Who AM I, really? What AM I the most passionate about, and How can I use my gifts to help others in the most effective way?

For the first week, I became very silent, and withdrew into myself…and I cried… A Lot! More than I have in a very, very long time…

Great BIG, Alligator tears as my Mom used to call them! I went from one end of the emotional rollercoaster to the other, and then back again for seemingly no reason at all. All alone for the most part, I allowed the tears to flow, and cleanse my soul. Years worth of cement came crumbling off of me, and I begin to see that tiny sparkle of Gold again!

My silent thoughts gradually turn to What I know to be true, and I know what I must do…

So, I immerse myself into webinars, zoom meetings, and company trainings every day. I organize my room, and all of my Master Key Experience binders, some of which are 3″ thick and full of Oh, just so much incredibly valuable information! I start reading OG Mandino and Hannel again, and in reading through Chapter 3 of the Master Key, these 2 verses stick out the most for me at this time…

3:13 It is evident, therefore, that ALL we have to do is Let our Light shine! The more energy we radiate, the more rapidly we are enabled to transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. The important question then is…How to let this light shine, and how to generate this energy.

3:28 You are the Channel by which the undifferentiated is being differentiated, and this is being accomplished by appropriation. It only requires recognition to set causes in motion which bring about results in accordance with your desire. This is accomplished because the Universal can act only through the individual, and the individual can act only through the Universal. They are One.

Oh My! Everything I have learned Journeying through these Masterkeys for the last several years is suddenly flowing back in the most beautiful way. This is Awesome, and YEP! I AM ready for classes to resume…

In having the Honor of being a Master Guide this year, I find this work to be- Quite Enjoyable, Fun, Fascinating, and very Liberating at the same time. I discover that it is a whole new ball game to guide an intern guide instead of work with the individual members’ themselves. Also, In reading others’ DMP’s, and working with them on How to refine their dreams into 300 words or less, I encounter yet another obstacle… my own DMP is still at 400 words, and, therefore, must be refined as well. Haha! Ok…

I’ve heard it said, over and over again, that when the student is ready the helpers and mentors appear. I’m here to tell you, they absolutely DO, every single time! Ya’ll know who you are, and Thank You so very, very much for helping me to snap out of the fog, and get my own assignments done, so I may begin to move forward once again!

Inner Peace is the Ultimate Journey!

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